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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Antique Advertising, Souvenir & Commemorative Stickpins:

Pictured and described below are some of these types of Stickpins that I've found over the past couple of years:

Pharmaceutical, Soap, Cleanser

"NR", Nature's Remedy Pharmaceutical Co.

LifeBuoy Soap. Lever Brothers, an English Co., created Lifebuoy soap in 1895 and sold it as an antiseptic soap. They later changed the name to Lifebuoy Health Soap.

Old Dutch Cleanser Chases Dirt (on reverse). The naturally-occurring abrasive pumicite, a white scouring powder, originally from Kern County, California, was and still is a house-hold helper known throughout the U.S. as a sink, stove, and tub cleaner.

Varnish, Paints, DuPont, Tools

top row:

"CHI-NAMEL". Varnish Co. in Cleveland, Ohio circa 1900. Stain & Varnish in one step, also Graining.

Patton Paint Co. Milwaukee, WIS., Sun-Proof Paints Newark, N.J. (on reverse), circa 1911-1920.

"Aged", Pitcairn Varnish Co. Milwaukee Newark (on reverse).

Advertising for DuPont gun powder. This is a figural of a Woodcock and is one of the rarer DuPont stickpins making it very hard to find.

bottom row:

B & S Manufacturing Co. of Providence , Rhode Island, (Brown & Sharpe Co. 1867-1902) Micrometer. E.C. Atkins & Co. Indianapolis, Ind.

"AAA" (Atkins Always Ahead).

"Starrett Tools" (L.S. Starrett Co., founded in 1880, makers of Micrometers and other precision tools).

Stoves, Piano, Cash Registers

top row:
"DOE WAH JACK" on the underside of the bust, ROUND OAK STOVES, RANGES, FURNACES F.H. Noble, Chicago (on reverse). Round Oak was founded by P. D. Beckwith in Dowagiac, Michigan in 1871 and was sold in 1946. 
Baldwin Cincinnati, (Ohio) USA. Dwight Hamilton Baldwin established a retail piano and organ business in 1862. 
bottom row:
National Cash Register Co. stickpins. John H. Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company in 1884, maker of the first mechanical cash registers.

Watches, Shoes, Tailoring, Hosiery

top row:

Dueber-Hampden Watches, Canton, Ohio (circa 1923). This watch company was in business from 1923-1931.

"Barker", Ask for Barker Brown Shoes (on reverse).

Dixie Tailoring Co. The Greenduck Co. Chicago.

bottom row:

Pony Stockings For Boys And Girls (on reverse).

H.B.S. Co., Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.'s "American Lady" Shoe (on reverse). Established in 1888 by Hamilton-Brown in St. Louis, Missouri.

(probably) Advertising for Men's Shoes.

The Lion Buggy Co.

The Lion Buggy Co. Cincinnati, Ohio (on reverse of all 3), circa 1890. 

Tobacco, Cigar

Cut Plug Or Twist F.H. Noble Co. Chicago (on reverse). 
Rugby Cigar (same on reverse).


top row:
Atlas Flour B. Stern & Sons' 49 Lbs Spring Wheat, Fancy Patent, Milwaukee. 
Libby's Food Products.
Milady's Chocolates (on reverse), celluloid front, Milwaukee, WI from 1848-1945. 
bottom row:
Gorton's Fish Foods (since 1849). 
Lipton's Teas (on reverse), Thomas J. Lipton started selling the best teas at the best price in 1915.

Exposition, Souvenirs, Banks

top row:
Pan American 1901 Pat'd, Souvenir originally bought at the 1901 Exposition in Buffalo, NY. 
Niagara Falls Feldspar Stanhope souvenir in the shape of a barrel with 6 miniature scenes of the Falls inside the peep hole, circa 1901 after Annie Taylor went over the falls in a barrel. 
Narragansett Pier, souvenir from Narragansett, Rhode Island.
bottom row:
ABI (American Bankers Institute) Indiana.
Priscilla Alden, Priscilla Says Your Credit Is Good At The New England (on reverse), celluloid front. 
C.C. Co. Spatula Club (on reverse), enamel front. 
Souvenir of Graf Zeppelin.

Bicycle Tires, Coaster Brakes

top row:
U.S. Bicycle Tires (on reverse). 
ND (New Departure Coaster Brake).
bottom row:
Advertising for New Departure Coaster Brake, Bristol, Conn., established in 1889 (celluloid front). 
New Departure Coaster Brake (celluloid front).

Farm Machinery

top row:

"Brinly Rastus". 
"P. & O. CANTON", Produced for the PARLIN & ORENDORFF PLOW WORKS COMPANY of Canton, Ill. prior to being purchased by International Harvester in 1919. 
The Rooster is the logo employed by Aultman Taylor (manufacturer of farm implements, including threshers and steam traction engines, and employing this particular trademark between about 1867 and 1924) but, more significantly a starving Rooster (Aultman Taylor machines were so efficient that nothing was left behind for hungry chickens). "The Aultman Taylor Machinery Co." and "S. D. Childs & Co. Chicago" (on reverse). 
"Avery" (printed on collar),  Avery Machinery in Illinois, Teeth Talk – The Bulldog Line, Engines, Tractors, Threshers, Plows, Avery Company, Peoria, Illinois.
bottom row:
"IHC" (International Harvester Co. circa 1919). 
Rumely Plowing We Manufacture Machinery For Hulling And Threshing. Established in 1854. 
"John Deere" (on reverse), Established 1837 in Moline, Ill. 
J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co. Incorporated Racine, Wis. USA. Established in 1842.

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